The Little Things

Un sheriff (Washington) y un detective de homicidios (Malek) han de colaborar juntos para intentar dar caza a un astuto asesino en serie

Ficha Técnica
Titulo The Little Things
Año 2021
Genero Policial Suspenso Thriller
Idioma Ingles con subtitulos en español incorporados
Duración 127 mins. aprox.
Formato AVI
Tamaño 1.37gb aprox.
Links 7
Trailer: Revisión obligatoria

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    • You have to try several times and it ends up accepting the command, you go back with the arrow that is in the upper left vertex and then you press the button again and it ends up accepting the command. But do not be discouraged, you may have to do it more than 2 times.

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